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About The Stubers

Who are we?


We're Pam, Ken and Crayton Stuber. Originally of Neenah, Wisconsin, USA. Currently of wherever we're parked. There is also Truman, our munchkin kitty and official grouch.

What are we doing?


We radically downsized and hit the road on August 13, 2016 and are traveling fulltime in our 5th wheel RV. 



Life has always been an adventure for us. We met backpacking and love the outdoors, travel and anything that keeps life interesting. We were finding typical suburban married life with kids to be a bit limiting and were disturbed by the amount of stuff we'd accumulated. So, finding ourselves at a crossroads and looking for something different, we took inspiration from our passion for travel, the age of our son (4, not quite school age, but old enough to enjoy and remember) and the simple fact that we could and decided to make travel our default state of being.

How do you manage to do this? You're not yet retired.

One word. Technology. Ken works in technology as the Data Architect for a small P&C Insurance company and they've been accomodating in letting him work remotely. So long as we have an internet connection, we're good to go. Crayton had been in daycare and Pam worked fulltime. Her job was portable as well and she could have worked, but decided to quit her job and spend her days raising and educating Crayton. Our reduced expenses and simplified lifestyle allows us the freedom to choose who works and how much.

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